Gary Williams

As a young boy I had a fascination with wildlife, a passion that I especially enjoyed with my best friend… my grandfather. I enjoyed nothing more than spending hours down the woods listening, learning about and observing the wildlife around me. My grandad’s stories made everything I saw and learnt more special and intriguing, enhancing my need to learn more!

My early career began with employment at a major pest control company where I learnt the trade of a pest controller and specialised in fumigation techniques; but something was missing…

Eventually I realised that I didn’t want to “kill” all the time and decided that there had to be other ways in order to achieve harmony.

After running my own pest control company for many years I wanted to change focus and concentrate on wildlife problems, in particular wildlife issues in urban situations.

Louise and I became partners in 2012 and Urban Wildlife was launched; our ethos of “Conservation-Care-Control” being a driving force to the success of the business.

Today, Urban Wildlife enjoys being one of the UK’s leading companies offering non-lethal and bespoke methods of wildlife management in urban areas.

Louise Summers

Having spent my early career in business management, life experiences forced a change of direction.

In 2007 I began my own landscape company and through this company my relationship with Urban Wildlife was formed.

In 2012 Gary and I become partners and Urban Wildlife was transformed from a pest control company that undertook wildlife works to a wildlife consultancy. The knowledge and experience that I had gained throughout my years in landscaping provided a valuable contribution to Urban Wildlife and ensured that we could operate on multifunctional levels; providing consultancy services through to complete project design and implementation of all works.

Over my years with Urban Wildlife, Badgers and Foxes have become a personal passion of mine, resulting in many years studying and understanding the species and their behaviour in urban environments as opposed to rural. Following on from this, 2016 sees the launch of our new training courses for professionals, promoting and focusing on our underlying belief that “education is the key to effective wildlife management”.

“In a society where urban wildlife is co-habiting with man at an ever increasing rate we, as professionals, have an obligation to provide the best information and advice to the general public, local councils, authorities, wildlife crime officers and the like. Our Code of Practice clearly express the expectations of ethical behaviour and reinforces the foundations values for each species we work with. Whilst these codes may periodically change and evolve to meet with legal constraints, regulations and professional ethics, our fundamental values will always remain unchanged. By ensuring that we consistently deliver objectivity when assessing client requirements, deliver professional competence on all levels and only provide lawful services and solutions, we can ensure our integrity is maintained”.

Gary Williams