Commercial newt problems

Newt Problems:

As newts are a protected species, they can pose a huge problem when development work interferes with their habitats. As it’s illegal to cause harm to newts, their resting places or their eggs, it’s important that when dealing with newt problems you contact a professional.

Newt Solutions:

If newt problems are conflicting with your project then we can offer a number of strategies to deal with problems caused by newts. Using professional solutions and bespoke strategies, we work with current legislation to legally and safely solve any newt problems you may have.

More about newt problems

If you’re looking to encourage newts then we can also provide habitat management and pond services in order to give newts a new home in an environment suitable for them.

Note - As with most species optimal surveying times apply.

See the protected species ecological survey calendar & mitigation calendar for newts.

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