Protected species

Protected Species Problems:

Protected species are plants and animals that cannot by law be harmed or destroyed; but they can cause big problems when they conflict with planned building and development works.

When it comes to protected species there are a number of ways in which we can assist. Using legal, safe and professional practices we have a number of solutions for protected species problems.

Protected Species Solutions:

Working within best practice and legal guidelines, we undertake all types of wildlife surveys, from desk study and site walk-over surveys to designing enhanced mitigation proposals we can ensure that suitable solutions are recommended.

Our team of qualified advisors can provide the knowledge and solutions needed and advise on survey timings to enable your project to be completed effectively and schedule.

More about protected species

We offer free advice on all species regarded as protected and provide up-to-date information to any questions asked.

See the protected species ecological survey calendar & mitigation calendar.

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