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From initial concept to implementation, Urban Wildlife is able to provide professional ecological services ensuring that legal frameworks such as protected habitats and species and designated sites are considered and suitable mitigation advised.

Urban Wildlife provides services to private individuals, commercial and corporate companies alike, guaranteeing a personal approach and bespoke, cost effective solutions.

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Badgers are protected under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 and the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, making it an offence to intentionally or recklessly kill, take or harm a badger or to destroy or obstruct a badger sett.

Badgers are becoming an ever-increasing resident of our urban population and Urban Wildlife can provide all relevant advice for bespoke mitigation and exclusion management.

Our team have held licenses for badger projects over all over the UK and are particularly experienced in dealing with high risk sites.

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All species of bat are protect under UK laws and as such, it is an offence to intentionally or recklessly kill a bat or to damage, destroy or obstruct any place that a bat uses for shelter and protection.

Urban Wildlife provides an initial assessment pertaining to potential bat activity for all types of structures, buildings and trees. Our qualified team is licensed to undertake bat surveys across the whole of the UK, ensuring that all works are carried out in line with current best practice guidelines issued by statutory bodies.

When providing mitigation, our team can apply for and hold all relevant licenses and provide specialist advice for all UK bat species.

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Urban foxes are a prolific problem in many towns, cities and semi-rural areas; a problem that most councils no longer offer any in-house services to help with.

Our highly experienced advisors complete a full site survey, assessing your fox problems and offering mitigation on a bespoke basis. All relevant methods are discussed allowing the client to make a fully informed decision on how they wish to manage their fox problems.

All solutions are considered in line with Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Note: Urban Wildlife does not support the relocation of urban foxes and will not undertake any works that may leave a cub unable to support itself.

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Great Crested Newts

As a European Protected Species, great-crested newts are protected under law, making it an offence to intentionally or recklessly kill, injure, handle or capture a great-crested newt. In addition it is illegal to destroy, damage or obstruct any place that is used for breeding or shelter.

Urban Wildlife can assist at any stage of the planning process and hold relevant licenses enabling us to provide initial, site-specific assessments that can then allow us to conduct further survey techniques such as bottle-trapping, torching, egg searches and drift fencing; all undertaken in line with current best practice guidelines.

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Urban Wildlife hold full survey licenses for all UK reptile species, allowing us to capture, translocate and undertake full habitat surveys. Under UK law all six British reptile species are protected, Adders, Common Lizards, Grass Snakes and Smooth Snakes are protected from intentionally killing and injuring.

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Protected Species

Whether you are requiring a Phase 1 Habitat Survey, Nesting Bird, Bat, Great-Crested Newt or Badger survey, Reptiles, Otters, Water Voles and White-Clawed Crayfish, our dedicated and professional team can assist you with all aspects of ecological assessment.

Our initial site assessment will help you to ensure that any survey works can be undertaken at the appropriate time of year, therefore not adding any ecological delays to projects.

Our extensive knowledge and experience ensures that mitigation solutions can be achievable, cost effective and take into account local and regional (BAP) Biodiversity Action Plan priority species and habitats.

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