Habitat Management

What is habitat management?

Habitat management is a way for those looking to encourage or even discourage wildlife from an area.

Habitat management for problem animals involves changing the landscape in order to deny a species the opportunity of taking up residence or utilising the area for foraging.

When looking to introduce more species to an area, changes can be made to promote a better environment and enhance the character of an area, making it more appealing.

What we do?

At Urban Wildlife we will discuss and design habitat management options that would be suitable for your project.
In addition, we work closely with other reputable companies that we can recommend who will be able to implement your ideas.

More about habitat management

By successfully changing the surrounding environment we can alter an animal’s behaviour. Most species require three essential elements to live; shelter, food and water. By removing or adding at least one of these of the elements we can successfully manage the animals that visit us.

Urban Wildlife has been at the forefront of promoting habitat change to manage wildlife by altering surrounds as opposed to culling.

Note – Seasonal times apply for some works


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