Living and Learning

This year has seen a increase in badger activity within urban areas ,but with increased work load comes increased learning .

On numerous occasions this season we have been asked if the family cat would be attacked, chased or harassed by Badgers.

We conducted a case study on five different urban setts and the results are quite conclusive.

It appears that not only do badgers accept the presence of domestic cats but in some cases actively seek out companionship.

We have recorded on several occasions’ Cats waiting for Badgers to surface then proceeding to greet and accompany Badgers on their nightly foraging.

On one occasion we had footage of a cat entering a badger sett and emerging an hour and a half later.

We can only conclude that neither species sees the other as a direct threat.

It has log been thought that Sows simply remove cub droppings along with the bedding thus keeping the breeding chambers clean.

Whilst conducting a partial exclusion from a substantial urban sett this season. We had cause to follow a tunnel system, which became narrow before once again opening up into a chamber.

This chamber was not used for sleeping nor breeding but was in fact a latrine.

The position and size of the tunnel system in relation to the breeding chamber has lead us to conclude that Cubs are taught to use this latrine chamber to ensure the continual cleanliness of the main breeding chamber.

When working with wild animals you learn daily.

Long may I continue to learn.