Personal Opinion or Facts

The need to give professional advice should not depend on your opinion of the subject matter.

A recent survey by Urban Wildlife has revealed that the personal opinion of the operative answering the phone is more widespread than was first thought.

operators were asked advice on both Badgers and Foxes

A staggering 82% gave misleading and incorrect advice on both species.

As a professional I have to give correct and lawful advice whether I agree or disagree with the control method I am being asked to quote on.

To give my personal opinion would not only be unprofessional but also leave my organisation open to not only criticism but also the possibility of legal proceedings.

If a member of the public were to follow some of the advice we were given they would undoubtedly commit a wildlife related offence  with the risk of prosecution under the animal welfare act more than a possibility.

79% of the polled organisations admitted having no written transcript on any wildlife related enquiry while 11% relied on there operatives opinion of any given subject.

As wildlife professionals we have a duty of care not only to the general public but also the species concerned we must ensure that the information we give is both factual and legal our personal stance on any method suggested must not influence our answers.

With the incidences of wildlife crime reportedly on the rise maybe the simple task of ensuring that all organisations stick to the script as it were and ensure their answers are factual and legal may help in reducing wildlife crime caused by ignorance or indeed the personal opinion of a third party!!