Protected Species

Protected Species Problems

Protected species are plants and animals that cannot by law be harmed or destroyed; but they can cause big problems when they conflict with planned building and development works.

When it comes to protected species there are a number of ways in which we can assist. Using legal, safe and professional practices we have a number of solutions for protected species problems.

Protected Species Solutions

When it comes to problem badgers, we offer long-term solutions. We design suitable methods to deal with your badger problems whilst working inline with the Protection of Badgers Act 1992, providing a complete mitigation service.

Our services can be fully tailored to your requirements, from consultancy through to complete project management.

More About Protected Species Problems

As urban areas develop, its inevitable humans will encounter problems with badgers. A badger needs to dig and forage to survive; like the urban fox this accounts for most problems that are experienced.

Our badger solutions are tailored to your needs in order to combat your badger issues, however due to licensing laws, exclusion work can only be implemented through the period of July – November.


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See the protected species ecological survey and mitigation calendar.