Residential and commercial bat problems

Bat Problems

There are many situations where bats can cause issues, from phobias to planning permission. Although bats are protected by law, there are a number of solutions that can be designed to solve any bat problem you may have.

In the UK it’s illegal to interfere with bats or their habitats, however, where appropriate mitigation proposals can be implemented suitable solutions can be achieved.

Bat Solutions

In order to create solutions for bat problems, we use a variety of methods. We’ll complete a full survey of your property, using technology and even DNA testing where appropriate. This allows us to fully understand and create a solution for your bat problems.

Our bat solutions are designed to resolve bat problems for commercial and residential properties, in a safe, legal and professional manner.

More About Bat Problems

All bat species, their breeding sites and their resting places are protected by law, meaning it’s an offence to cause harm to a bat or its roost. If you think you have a problem with bats in your property you should always call out an expert.

Note – As with most species, optimal survey times apply


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