Residential and commercial fox problems

Fox Problems

If you’re faced with problem foxes and are unsure of what to do, you need a company who can harmlessly, safely and lawfully resolves your fox problems.

Fox problems were once common only in rural areas, however they are now extremely prolific in the urban environment. Foxes can cause a number of problems from strange and alarming noises and fouling, to taking up residence under decking, sheds and other outdoor spaces. Whatever the issue, dealing with fox problems is always a priority for Urban Wildlife.

Fox Solutions

Whilst fox removal is not recommended there is a number of bespoke methods available to combat fox problems, all of which are in line with the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Through our specialist techniques we encourage self relocation for foxes, avoiding the potentially cruel removal of foxes and without causing the animal undue suffering. Using fox deterrents such as electric fencing, proofing, exclusion and habitat management we aim to solve your fox problems on a case by case basis.

More About Fox Problems

Foxes are adaptable creatures and their ability to easily co-exist with us can lead to you experiencing unwanted fox problems.

Whilst there’s no restriction on timings when considering fox management treatment, Urban Wildlife will not exclude any animal that is thought to be supporting young cubs or any cubs that cannot survive independently.

Note – We do not consider or support the relocation of urban foxes.


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