Two Little Words

At a recent wildlife crime seminar a speaker who seemed to have a balanced and objective argument, astounded me by using a terminology which seemed extremely biased and out of place.

The discussion took the form of reports about wildlife crime mostly about CITES and more “ High level “ crimes

A speaker then began to address the delegates with regards to reported crimes with raptors and Badger persecution also making the table

Quite knowledgeable and informative I thought….

Then bang, out of the blue two words, which in my opinion collapsed this speaker’s credibility, in a millisecond

“Now lets talk about “RED COAT “ offences

Red coat offences – surely this terminology has no place in a balanced and informative discussion

What ever your view on hunting, terminology such as this smacks of “ class discrimination”. If in the same discussion the terminology “lets talk about immigrant offences or indeed gypsy offences” were used, the speaker surely would have been reprimanded

For those of us who try to educate on wildlife crime and associated practices this can only be a step backwards

Passion is a strong motivator and should be encouraged however there is a line, which should not be crossed

I for one thought this speaker lost a balanced argument down to two little words.